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Milk FAQ

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. We love to answer any questions about our products or farming so if you have a certain question you would like to ask please contact us to find out. 

What is Raw Milk?

Raw Milk is untreated milk that goes straight from the cow direct to the cooling tank and then bottled for you on site. It is cooled down to a temperature of below 3 degree celcius within minutes of the cow being milked. Raw milk has not been homogenised or pasturised. 

It has many health benefits that can not be found in pasturised milk. It is one of the richest sources of raw protein, contains lots of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, healthy fats and pro-biotics for gut health. The food facts website gives you plenty of information about the pros and cons of drinking raw milk (You can find more about it by clicking here)

What does Homogenised mean?

Homogenised is a process where the cream in milk is shaken in a special way to break down all the particles so that they can not rise to the top. Raw milk is famous for getting a creamy layer on the top as it will settle when left to stand. If you don't wish to get a creamy layer simply give your milk a little shake before serving.

What does Pasteurised mean?

Pasteurisation is a process that milk goes through to reduce the number of pathogens found. The milk goes through a heat treatment which kills all bacteria (both bad and healthy) and then it is quickly cooled again ready to be bottled. It is a requirement for any milk bought away from a farm to be pasteurised as it will also extend the shelf life. 
Raw milk is unpasteurised.

Is Raw milk safe?

Yes, raw milk is simply the most natural form of milk that has many health benefits as it contain lots of good bacteria which is something that is lost during during the pasturisation process. Raw milk is an unpasterised product as a licensed raw milk provider we voluntarily test our milk every single week to make sure the milk is safe to use. If milk ever comes back with any elevated markers then we remove it from sale immediately. So you know that we only sell the best quality of milk available. 

Our cows are Organic (regulated by OF&G) so receive the best care and attention to make sure they produce the best milk possible. We also use the highest hygiene standards in our parlour and bottling plant to ensure you only receive the highest quality milk. 
Raw milk is regulated by the Food Standards authority and does come with a health warning (please see product information). Our milk leaves the cow, heads to the chiller tank and across to the bottling plant all on site.

Can I collect from the farm?

Yes our shop is open everyday 10am - 7pm, the butchery is open 10am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Staff are available during the opening times to help you if you would like any assistance with the milk vending machines or to answer any questions. 

The shop is situated in the middle of the farm. Please drive in carefully be aware of walkers and farm machinery. Please park in the parking area which is clearly signposted and do not block the road. 

If you need to park closer to the door for any disability reason then please park in front of the big roller shutter doors and let a member of staff know. 

Our address is- 

Bays Leap Dairy Farm

Heddon on the Wall 

NE15 0JW

Can I have my order delivered to my address?

We do not offer any delivery services either locally or nationwide. Please visit our farm shop/vending room to purchase products.

Can I place a special order?

Yes we can accommodate special orders/large orders please use our email

How do I store Raw milk?

Raw milk must be kept at a refrigerated at a temperature below 3 degrees Celsius. Please consume within 5 days of purchase. 
Raw milk can also be frozen- it is best to defrost it over 48hours in the fridge and give it a good shake before opening. 

What does Organic mean?

As an Organic Dairy farm we are regulated by OF&G. The dairy cows have high welfare standards and graze on organic pasture meaning we use no pesticides. They are also fed only organic feed when housed inside and when required receive the best veterinary treatment from our in house vet. 

What if I am unhappy with my milk?

We pride ourselves in a great quality product direct from the source so we know that we sell only the best quality milk. If you are unhappy with your product in any way please contact us and we will happy to discuss any issues you may have.

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