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Our Cows at Bays Leap Dairy Farm

About Bays Leap Dairy Farm

Bays Leap Dairy Farm is situated in the small village of Heddon on the Wall just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is easily identified by commuters on the A69 because of the easily distinguishable round buildings which are used to house some of the cows on the farm. 

Farm manager Chris (pictured with some of the dairy cows above), is passionate about his cows and as an organic farmer this passion begins in the soil. As a keen soil enthusiast, Chris has often been spotted on TV or in news articles about caring for the farm land which doesn't get any artificial fertilisers or pesticide spread on. His care for things right from the beginning can now be tasted in our raw milk which has a much sweeter and creamier taste with many health benefits compared to shelf bought milk. 

Our cows are grass-fed and all their food (forage) is home grown, they can often be spotted in the fields between March and November every year and you can even see them all being brought in via our cattle tracks, late afternoon. They are curious though so if you're standing by one of their fences they may come and give you a lick!

Bays Leap is owned by the Mellstrom Family who bought the Farm over twenty years ago, converting it from a breeding centre into the Dairy Farm you can see today. Bays leap has come a long way from those early days with only a few cows in the herd, the farm now has a herd of over 800 milking cows and some 2500 acres of fully organic land under management. The late Mr Graham Mellstrom’s first farming venture started at aged 9 when he had a small number of goats which he milked himself and sold their milk door to door locally using his bicycle for transport. It was this first farming business venture that sowed the seed for his ambition to one day own his own Dairy Farm that would produce and sell its own Milk on larger scale.

In early 2021 Bays Leap Dairy Farm began to bottle organic raw milk to sell direct to the public. This new venture quickly grew and with the investment of milk vending machines, so much so that the product range is continuing to expand with recent additions such as butter and a fresh bean to cup coffee machine.

The team at Bays Leap continue to product develop and it is likely that when you return for your milk time and time again new items will be available on the shelves to purchase and enjoy at home.  

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