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Bays Leap Organic Dairy Farm

Fresh Organic Raw and Pasteurised Milk, Dairy and Meat Produce available from our organic farm
based in Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland. 

Click the button below to order your milk fresh from the farm to be delivered
direct to your doorstep or visit our vending machines open 10am-7pm everyday. 


Order your organic dairy produce direct from the farm.

Fresh raw produce delivered direct to your door anywhere in the UK (excluding Scotland)

A Little About us at

Bays Leap Dairy Farm...

Bays Leap is owned by Graham Mellstrom who bought the Farm over twenty years ago, converting it from a breeding centre into the Dairy Farm you can see today. Bays leap has come a long way from those early days with only a few cows in the herd, the farm now has a herd of over 800 Cows and some 2500 acres of fully organic land under management. This is a long way from Mr Mellstrom’ s first farming venture, which he started aged 9. He had a small number of goats which he milked himself, selling their milk door to door locally using his bicycle for transport. It was this first farming business venture that sowed the seed for his ambition to one day own his own Dairy Farm that would produce and sell its own Milk on larger scale. So, it is with great pleasure, that after many years of building and investing, Graham, with the help of his son, Stephen in recent years and that of Chris McDonald and his dedicated team, can proudly say that he has done it! with the production of Bays Leaps own organic raw milk.

Organic milk Bays Leap Dairy Farm
Opening Hours

Our Vending machines are NOW OPEN.

Monday-  10am-7pm

Tuesday- 10am-7pm

Wednesday- 10am-7pm

Thursday- 10am-7pm

Friday- 10am-7pm

Saturday- 10am-7pm

Sunday- 10am-7pm


Bays Leap Dairy Farm
Heddon on the Wall

Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 0JW

United Kingdom

Order Line- 07714558178

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