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Our Farm and Produce


In April 2021 we begun producing our own bottled Organic Milk. Our customers and catering clients in the local area are so amazed with the quality of our milk that in July 2021 we have begun to offer it shipped to anywhere in the UK (excluding Scotland). 

We are now producing many items available either for farm collection or shipped direct to doorstep including;

  • Raw Milk (in 3 different sizes) 

  • Raw cream 

  • Retired Dairy Meat 

Why buy Raw Milk?

The milk we currently produce is Raw milk, meaning it has been milked straight from the cow, headed straight to the bulk talk where it is dropped to 3 degree celcius and then bottled ready for our customers within a matter of hours. Comparing this to your off the shelf milk which is already around 3 days old. You are not only receiving fresh produce but you are also supporting British Dairy Farmers.  

The Health Benefits of Raw Produce

As a society we have become very used to the idea of fresh dairy produce being pasturised and homogenised. Whilst there are many people who can't drink raw produce for health reasons, the process of pasturisation kills not only the bad bacteria (we test our milk weekly so we know that it contains no bad bacteria) but it also kills all the beneficial bacteria, that you body needs. 

We have had customers report that within the first couple of weeks since switching they have seen improvements in not only their skin and nails, but also their gut health has improved and cravings have reduced. 

This is because in one bottle of raw milk there are billions of healthy bacteria such as bacto nbkbgbjkfds, it contains healthy fats 

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