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Cattle at Sunrise

Dairy Shop & Milk Vending

Opening Hours

Our Dairy shop with Milk Vending is open 10am - 7pm everyday. There are staff on hand to help you use the vending machines which use both coins and contactless payment.

Our Shop Products

In our farm shop we have the following 

  • Organic Raw Milk/Milkshake Vending Machine  (contactless only)

  • Organic Pasteurised Milk and Milkshake Vending Machine (contactless only)

  • Glass Bottle Vending Machine for Milk/Milkshakes (accepts coins and contactless)

  • Ringtons Bean to Cup Fresh Milk Coffee Machine (contactless only)

  • Freshly butchered on-site Grass Fed Beef.

  • Organic Soaps- We offer a small range of homemade Organic soaps made with our Raw milk. These soaps are made by our farm Vet, Jo and her son, Patrick. All the proceeds from these sales go to the fundraising to go to Africa with for his school project to help with some conservation work. Pick up a leaflet or read all about it in store. 

  • Fresh Produce- All our fresh dairy produce is made on-site this includes both Raw & Pasteurised Milk, Cream & Butter. We also sell Organic Eggs from Bainbridge Farms and seasonal potatoes from Cheeseborough Farms, Wylam. 

  • Ice Cream Counter- our ice cream counter offers a cone, tubs and takeaway boxes in a variety of flavours from Ciccarelli Ice cream. All the ice cream we sell is made with our milk and cream. We also sell Dog ice cream a delicious treat for our 4 legged friends. 

What do we stock & where is it from?

Hen Eggs- Bainbridge Farms, Morpeth- Organic

Honey- Tyne Valley Honey, Hives located on Bays Leap Fields

Ice Cream- Ciccarellis, Blyth- Non Organic made using Bays Leap Milk & Cream

Potatoes (seasonal)- Sagetta variety, Cheeseborough Farms, Wylam

Sweet Bakes- Bernies Bakes, Newcastle upon Tyne

Raw Milk Information - here at Bays Leap we love our raw milk. We know how beneficial it is to our digestive systems and contains lots of the healthy vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other nutrients that we need every single day. We want to make it available to all our customers but also educate you on the safety around drinking raw milk as there is a huge stigma surrounding the subject. We test our raw milk regularly to ensure that it contains no harmful bacteria which can make people ill. 

If you are new to drinking raw milk then please don't directly switch over as it will 'reset' your gut cultures so make the change over the space of a week. We can guarantee you will see some changes in your health if you make the switch. For more information on our raw milk please speak to a member of staff. 

Raw Milk does carry a warning on its packaging- This product has not been heat treated and therefore MAY contain organisms which are harmful to health. 

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