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Our Vending Machine area is now open!

Below are details of all our produce available and

directions, instructions to help you prepare for your visit. 

Opening Hours

Our self serve vending machines for both raw milk and pasteurised milk is available every day of the week 10am-7pm

Just simply head into the vending area- press the doorbell on the wall at the back and someone will come over to serve you. 

Our doorbell can be used at anytime if you get stuck or something goes wrong. Someone is always available on the farm to help you.  

How to find us

Our farm is located just off the A69 in Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland. We are only a short drive from Newcastle city centre and very easy to get to. 

Coming from the East- take the Heddon on the Wall exit on the A69 and at the bottom of the slip road turn left. Our farm entrance is on the right hand side before you head into the village. 

Coming from the West- exit the A69 at the Horsley/Heddon on the Wall exit and at the bottom of the slip road turn right. Follow the road through Horsley village and continue until you come to Heddon on the Wall. Drive through the village and you will pass a petrol station on your right. As you continue on the road the entrance is around the next corner on your left- look for our signs!

Travelling by Bus-  there are 3 local services which pass by our farm travelling between Newcastle city Centre and Hexham-Cumbria. 

Our pedestrian access is located on the Military Road behind the Three Tuns pub. Head down the road and follow our signs to guide you to our vending area located in the farm yard. 

Arriva Bus- 685

Wright Brothers Coaches- 888

Go North East- x84

Whats Available?

We have vending machines and an honesty station currently available between 10am and 7pm every day. You will find instructions on how to use all our machines with step by step guides. If you get stuck don't worry, just press the doorbell and someone will come to help you. 

Milkshake Syrup Machine- once you have grabbed yourself a bottle you can next head to the milkshake syrup bar where you can choose from 6 flavours. 

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Banana

  • Vanilla 

  • Weekly Special 1

  • Weekly Special 2 (see our facebook page for this weeks flavours)

Our syrup machine is card only and costs £1.00 per shot (please only use one flavour per bottle as it will overflow). 

Organic Pasteurised Milk Vending Machine- One of our large silver machine you will see when you walk into our vending area is the pasteurised machine. This machine accepts both coins and contactless card payments directly on the machine. Full instructions are available and remember to hold your bottle on an angle as it is filling to avoid the milk getting air bubbles into it and overflowing (this happens alot so don't panic if you do spill any- there's no use crying over spilt milk!) 

Our vending machine pours out 1 Litre of fresh organic pasteurised milk for £1.50. 

Organic Raw Milk Vending Machine - here at Bays Leap we love our raw milk. We know how beneficial it is to our digestive systems and contains lots of the healthy vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other nutrients that we need every single day. We want to make it available to all our customers but also educate you on the safety around drinking raw milk as there is a huge stigma surrounding the subject. We test our raw milk every week to ensure that it contains no harmful bacteria which can make people ill. 

If you are new to drinking raw milk then please don't directly switch over as it will 'reset' your gut cultures so make the change over the space of a week. We can guarantee you will see some changes in your health if you make the switch. For more information on our raw milk please speak to a member of staff. 

Our raw milk is another one of our large silver machine you will see when you walk into our vending area. This machine accepts both coins and contactless card payments directly on the machine. Full instructions are available.

Our vending machine pours out in 0.5 litres, 1 litre, 1.5 litre or 2 litres.  The price per litre is £1.50. 





Finally a huge thank you from all the team at Bays Leap Dairy Farm for supporting us!

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